As he sang out the verses, his heart ached. He placed his left hand over his heart and the other hand gripping onto the microphone. Each word he sang seemed to be knives stabbing his heart. The spotlight was on him. He closed his eyes pushing back the pain he felt.

“Come back, I’m sorry…” his voice almost cracked as he tried to push down back the tears.

He opened his eyes and they sparkled with the reflection from the lights. The sound of the crowd screaming and the drums beating behind him drowned out his mind.

He looked out among the crowd of faces cheering him on, scanning through the crowd. Suddenly, his eyes met her eyes – standing among the crowd. There must have been over a thousand people that made up the crowd, but he spotted her instantly.

Her eyes pierced through his heart and she then turned her back towards him. As she started to walk away, it felt as if she was pulling his heart out of his chest. It felt like his heart was to tie on a string and attached to her heart and was also being dragged away along with her.

His voice stopped as the music continued without him. He let go of the microphone in his hand and stepped forward toward the edge of the stage. His eyes only followed her walking further and further away from him.

He held out his right hand as he if was going to call out to her, but nothing came out of his mouth – her name, he couldn’t remember anymore. His heart continued to beat fast and his breathing became shorter and shorter. Each step he took seemed to drag on. His mind was only focused on her – everything else didn’t matter.

Then, everything went black.

He fell over the edge of the stage onto the ground. The music quickly stopped, and everyone rushed toward him now screaming in panic.